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    New energy facility opens in northern Guangdong province

    Guangdong Gaoqi Energy Engineering Co Ltd and Guangdong New Energy-Saving Technology Co's new green-energy facility is open in Shaoguan, Guangdong province. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

    Guangdong Gaoqi Energy Engineering Co Ltd, a privately-owned company engaged in research and development of clean energy, launched operation of a new energy facility in Shaoguan, northern Guangdong province.

    The facility, in cooperation with Guangdong New Energy-Saving Technology Co with the investment of 500 million yuan ($76.9 million), will manufacture low-carbon energy, including etherified gasoline, diesel fuel and care products for vehicles.

    The facility was designed to produce 200,000 tons of new energy products, according to the company.

    "We will invest more in research and development of energy-saving products to help reduce emissions from vehicles," said Wang Shengwen, president of Guangdong Gaoqi Energy Engineering Co.

    In an early test campaign, use of the company's etherified gasoline and lubricant oils in vehicles could help reduce up to 70 percent of emissions, Wang said.

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